Who Are You Right Now?

Today I started challenging myself to assess who I am right now. What I mean is, it’s important to know who you are in times of crisis. This is because who you are right now, is likely who you are. I am NOT saying that if you’re more concerned, anxious and down right now, that’s who you are destined to be forever. What I AM saying is that if you’re having a difficult time focusing, spending time with God, hearing from Him, etc. it’s a good time to adjust and practice these disciplines.

I’m paying attention to who I am right now: my habits, my thoughts, my triggers, etc. I’ve noticed how much I eat when I don’t know what else to do. Or, how I can spend an hour prioritizing my to-do list instead of actually doing anything. I noticed how difficult it is for me to get started, and how much time I spend “preparing” rather than doing. Lastly, I’ve taken note of how much my mind wanders. I need routine and structure. I thrive off of timelines. If I know I have a short window to complete something, I like the thrill of pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion to accomplish it. It’s exhilarating, but not sustainable. Conversely, when there seems to be endless options and unexpected ample time, I can lose focus.

Now is a good time to break unhelpful patterns. 

I’m an architect. I like dreaming up something and then creating it. I find value in the work of my hands – in building from nothing. So, in seasons where God is saying to rest, read, listen and pray, I can get distracted if I’m not clinging to Him…tightly. Right now, I’m challenging us to use this unexpected pause as an opportunity to see where our faith is. If you’re worried around the clock, now you know that your faith has wandered and it’s time to reel it back in. If you’re spending more time talking with others than talking with God, now you can see how your affection has shifted. If you think you’re bored, perhaps it’s a great opportunity to read those chapters of Scripture you’ve been meaning to study – to sleep, write, create, practice quiet time, slow down and stop doing…

What I’m saying is it’s time to come back to God! 

Maybe you’re reading this from work. Maybe you’re taking a break from balancing homeschooling and teleworking. Maybe you’re eating lunch in your car because you’re one of the incredible healthcare, factory, police force or food industry workers we’re relying on each day. Firstly, THANK YOU! I know what I’m describing is a luxury for some and not all. However, this moment we are living in is unprecedented in our generation. And it’s hard. It’s important for us not to miss what God is doing. The entire world – every nation – is collapsing in search of a cure. As believers, we have one. As children of God, we live above panic in a posture of peace. As the hands and feet of Jesus we operate on the frequency of love for our neighbors, which compels us to compassion, care and good deeds. The answer is Jesus. The cure is prayer, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14. It’s faith + works by adhering to the regulations by our local governments.

Let’s agree to find intimacy with God and each other during this powerful time of, what I believe is, the brink of global revival. 

In Exodus 34, Moses went up to the top of Mount Sinai to meet with God. By the time he came down to reunite with the people of Israel, Scripture says his face shined so brightly from being in the presence of God that he had to cover his face. It was that radiant! I desire to come out of isolation shining brightly with the glory of God because I used every opportunity to speak with Him. If He desires to teach us patience through our children at home, let’s be eager to learn. If we’re struggling financially, let’s empathize with one another and be open to trusting God as our provision. If we’re anxious, sick or depressed, let’s do some soul work and place our hope in God’s healing. And if we’ve never believed, now seems like a very good time to repent and be made new. Times are crazy, but God’s not moved. Email me at Ebonee@EboneeSpeaks.com if you are trusting in God for the very first time! I’ll send you some resources.

All that said, who are you right now? Where can you make appropriate adjustments and habit changes? As we navigate our new normal, I pray that we steer the tides of our faith with assurance, relentless hope and rest.

As believers, even if it’s not well with our bodies/world/economy, it is well with our souls. 

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be over here becoming someone with the type of faith that sets fear on fire!

Remember, God loves you and so do I,

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