• Disturbing the Peace

      It’s been a minute, I know. I’m learning to speak only when I have a word from Heaven. Otherwise, I find myself cycling through writing schedules and timelines. While… Read More

  • CHICK CHAT: Black Women Activists Talk Policy Reform & Obamacare

    Keyaira Kelly and Allison McGevna of #TeamBeautiful sit down with activists Jamira Berley and Ebonee Rice to discuss gun policy and healthcare reform on today’s episode of Chick Chat. Watch… Read More

  • Last Week in Review

    I thought it was a good idea to recap the last week of local and international news. SO MUCH HAPPENED. Of course, below is not an exhaustive list. It’s the… Read More

  • What is Bullet Journaling?

    Here’s my journal the first day I began. Guess what? I’ve started bullet journaling! I know. I didn’t know what it was either. I was at a retreat and the presenter, Rachel… Read More

  • The Amazement Factor

    Hey you, I hope you never stop being amazed. About everything. I’m amazed at how God speaks to me. ME?! At how He shares His heart with me concerning His… Read More

Ebonee Speaks was born at the intersection of Jesus and Justice. We are a global ministry committed to illuminating the voices of women and girls who have been silenced. Our charge is to honor God through our gifts, social justice advocacy and kingdom living.
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