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The Amazement Factor

Hey you,

I hope you never stop being amazed. About everything.

I’m amazed at how God speaks to me. ME?! At how He shares His heart with me concerning His people. It’s crazy. I’m amazed at my family. At how my mother still has laughter in her voice. I’m amazed at the joy in her smile, and the love in her hugs. I’m amazed at how my nieces inspire me every day. Generationally, we come from a lineage of warrior women. And they embrace it. I’m amazed at how they ask tough questions. At how they love God so openly without fear. I’m amazed at how, as an adult, my brother is still my hero. And greatest influence. I have friends all over the world. Some in places hostile toward their faith. I’m amazed at how they’ve seen so much evil and still trust God for miracles. I’m amazed at how after seeing images from Aleppo (once an ancient metropolis) and from Mother Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (a pillar in the Black community) we can still embody the resilience and the courage to progress forward. It’s amazing!

Cracked Sidewalks + Christmas Yams

Happy Holla Days from me, my new bangs and my renewed spirit!

By now, many of you have received end of the year notes filled with holiday wishes, and New Year’s resolutions.

This isn’t that.

I want to do a couple things. Firstly, thank you for the tremendous support this year. My email listserv has grown exponentially, my speaker calendar was off the chain and you’ve made 2016 the most poppin’ year to date on my blog. I appreciate your allowing me to be authentic and share my heart with you, even when it’s broken. I am a testament to the fact that love, like that from our Father, truly does heal (1 Peter 4:8). I was in bed yesterday watching a Lifetime Original Christmas movie (duh!), and heard the lead character say, “The thing about cracked sidewalks is that once you trip over a crack, you start to pay attention so you won’t fall in the same place again.” After hearing that, I immediately started formulating this piece. I can turn anything in a sermon because I’ve learned that God speaks in the seemingly most random places. Here’s what I mean.

IT’S BACK…My Favorite Things!

Lipsticks. And purses. Handcrafted jewelry, OH MY!

It’s back! The 2016 edition of “My Favorite Things” is here. I’m so excited! And this year I’m approaching my gift guide a little differently, featuring 20 of my favorite things for a special lady in your life. I’m living Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap” (ESV). So, I’m sowing good and expecting good and sowing faithfully and expecting faithfully every day. In fact, I’m giving away FIVE items on my favorite things list to one beautiful winner on Instagram. Follow me @EboneeSpeaks for contest details. Let’s get into this list because it’s the best one yet, and includes socially conscious products, Christian business owners, womenpreneurs, black-owned businesses and mainstream brands I LOVE. Let’s do it!