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Last Week in Review

I thought it was a good idea to recap the last week of local and international news. SO MUCH HAPPENED. Of course, below is not an exhaustive list. It’s the top 5 stories according to what I think you need to know. So here it is, including everything from the missing Black and Latino girls in Washington, D.C. (and around the world for that matter), to OF COURSE the failure on Obamacare repeal. WIN! Keep in mind, I linked to articles I believe explain the issues in a matter of fact manner, with accurate information and challenging next steps. Enjoy your weekly round-up.

  1. What Failure on Obamacare Repeal Means for Tax Reform
    • This also means that Republicans could lose their seats — and the House majority — in 2018
    • Compare Proposals to Replace the ACA, click here
    • What the AHCA Means for the States, click here
    • Under discussion at this very moment is the elimination of the Essential Health Benefits requirement, backgrounder here
  2. I posted this article from ESSENCE on Facebook, and think it’s worth re-sharing because it does an excellent job of discussing the issue of missing Black girls and boys on a macro level. Also, it touches on the issue of human trafficking and modern-day slavery on such a way that does not water down the truth of how Black bodies – particularly female bodies – are sexualized, manipulated and often disregarded in this, and other, countries.
    • Police commander provides facts, dispels social media rumors about DC missing teens, watch here – this link includes a contact if you HAVE or WANT information
  3. You probably haven’t heard of Timothy Caughman, but you should have and here’s why
  4. You’ve seen coverage of the London Attack, here’s a pretty thorough breakdown of what happened at Westminster Bridge and in the grounds of Parliament
  5. IGAD Agree to Facilitate Voluntary Return of Somali Refugees


As you can see, there is a lot happening all over the world. We must continue to pray and support local organizations, elections and people in your community doing good work! We can make a difference. Together.



Remember, God loves you and so do I,


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