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A Single Lady’s Guide to the Galaxy: How to Find Love In All the Right Places

Ebonee and Delia, Summer 2013

Ebonee and Delia (we) are soul sisters. There is no other way to put it. It would seem like we even planned to name our blogs ( & and social media handles (@EboneeSpeaks & @DeliaSpeaks) similarly, but we did not. It’s completely a God thing. As Ebonee so aptly put it, “Our spirits are kindred. When one season in your life begins or ends, I know a similar season is right around my corner. I just brace myself and get ready.”

Don’t Let Them Fade! 7 Ways to Maintain Relationships Post High School & College


(My girlfriends and I at senior dinner @ USC)

As we get older, life seems to just get busier. Sometimes it seems like the flow of life is going at the speed of light. On top of that, once we graduate or move from one stage of our lives to another, everything seems to get more chaotic. Consequently, it’s harder to maintain relationships. If you’re struggling in these areas, or think you will, I’m offering you some tips on how to maintain your relationship all around. Hope this helps!

Relationships: Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Worrying About Them… At Least for Now


Let me start by saying that I strongly dislike the phrase “settling down.” Why settle? Why down?

I prefer “Growing in love”…or something like that. To my friends who have settled down, I think that is incredible. I do not believe there should be an age requirement.

Here are just a few reasons why that process shouldn’t be rushed no matter how old/young you are.