• Why I Decided to Live on Mission

    I’ve known since adolescence I wanted to be a missionary. It’s not really a lifestyle teenagers aspire to so I knew the Holy Spirit put a fire in me long… Read More

  • Why I Don’t Love the Holidays

    I don’t want to write this. In fact, I’m typing fast before I lose my nerve because I’m supposed to be working on the Black Friday promotion of Breakfast With… Read More

  • The Expectation of Hope: A Guide for the Grieving

    Merry Christmas, all! I didn’t create a holiday gift guide this year. Instead, The Holy Spirit led me to write about grief from the perspective of Jesus in John chapter 11.… Read More

  • Anchored

      The world is crazy. You don’t need me to tell you that. You can see by turning on your TV, computer or cell phone. Here’s what I did come… Read More

  • Disturbing the Peace

      It’s been a minute, I know. I’m learning to speak only when I have a word from Heaven. Otherwise, I find myself cycling through writing schedules and timelines. While… Read More

Ebonee Speaks was born at the intersection of Jesus and Justice. We are a global ministry committed to illuminating the voices of women and girls who have been silenced. Our charge is to honor God through our gifts, social justice advocacy and kingdom living.
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