• Who Are You Right Now?

    Today I started challenging myself to assess who I am right now. What I mean is, it’s important to know who you are in times of crisis. This is because who you are right now, is likely who you are. I am NOT saying that if you’re more concerned, anxious and down right now, that’s who you are destined to…

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  • A Complicated Relationship with Heroes

    I have a complicated relationship with heroes. I didn’t post anything when rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle died because I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t a fan of… Read More

  • Why I Decided to Live on Mission

    I’ve known since adolescence I wanted to be a missionary. It’s not really a lifestyle teenagers aspire to so I knew the Holy Spirit put a fire in me long… Read More

  • Breakfast With My King is on sale NOW!

    Give the gift that’ll continuously pour into whomever receives it. Breakfast With My King is the perfect gift and stocking stuffer for your loved ones this holiday season. Right now Amazon is… Read More

  • Why I Don’t Love the Holidays

    I don’t want to write this. In fact, I’m typing fast before I lose my nerve because I’m supposed to be working on the Black Friday promotion of Breakfast With… Read More

  • Use the Nice Dishes

    This week my mother celebrated a birthday. These days our relationship is my favorite heart space. The older I get, the deeper our conversations become. Nothing is off limits. I… Read More

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Ebonee Speaks was born at the intersection of Jesus and Justice. We are a global ministry committed to illuminating the voices of women and girls who have been silenced. Our charge is to honor God through our gifts, social justice advocacy and kingdom living.
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